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HOT Pit ™

Our Systems

Hutton Orbital Truckers Political Information Team.

Your daily update on our systems, the mission briefing and statistics

77.2% PSPF-LF 2 (22%)
53.5% PSPF-LF 2 (-8%)
63.4% Alpha Centauri (1%)
38.5% Epsilon Indi (-9%)
48.1% Trepin (1%)
55.1% Wolf 25 (-7%)
54.9% LHS 340 (8%)
8.9% Sirius (-1%)
33.8% Kokary (-13%)
9.5% Luhman 16 (-37%)
39.7% Wolf 359 (-22%)
39.7% Wolf 359 (-18%)
12.8% Epsilon Eridani (-35%)
53.5% PSPF-LF 2 (-4%)
48.1% Trepin (0%)
33.8% Kokary (-13%)
12.8% Epsilon Eridani (-34%)
48.1% Trepin (1%)

Lael Wolf

Lael Wolf (Ms) is Alvin's special envoy out in the Galaxy planning missions and tasks for Truckers to undertake #forthemug.

Lael has had a hard life which is compounded by the responsibility of being His Eminence Alvin's guardian until recently.

These are Lael's current instructions for activities in our systems.

  • combat


    To any system that we control, keep an eye on the influence figures and put them into the lowest influence system

  • combat


    Spread data about our controlled systems. 10M Max to all systems other than GP where you can dump as much as you want.

  • combat



  • combat



  • combat


    All the numbers are looking pretty good, Wise and Wolf could use a little work but that is not top priority unless you happen to be there. Today’s top priority is…..Wait for it…….Yes you guessed it. Luhman 16. “Hey stop groaning at the back I can hear you!” The Controlling faction are currently engaged in an election in another system so we have a chance now to really push in this system and get close to them. Depending on numbers over the next couple of days we might have to intervene in the election to try and end it quickly, but that’s when things get complicated and I already have a headache so keep an eye on the daily reports for possible emergency actions.

  • combat


    To Yamazaki in Wise, Khan Holdings in LHS 340, Al-Vin in AC