Why donate?

Whilst we'd love to run a fundraiser to help all those little children suffering with MODS, and whilst many people have begged us to buy Hutton Mugs, we have resisted....

The prizes - nearly 200 mugs, 1000 patches, countless stickers, the Trophy given to Frontier (incl buying the Code mug to smash), the lifetime expansion pack, paint packs, artwork, the radio station, website and Alvin's biscuit supplies have all been donated by generous commanders.

However, Alvin isn't one to deny the whole community's generosity and after much lobbying, has caved in to allow anyone who wants to, to give to the prize fund.

There's more y'know... Poke one of the BIG dots for more secret transmissions...

What's it all for?

This donation isn't for you to BUY anything, this doesn't get you anything other than the gratitude of your fellow commanders and some excellent prizes for everyone else. We will keep crafting events and awarding goodies to the most worthy. We will spend it on special trophies, doing great stuff for the community, bonkers prizes and more PwP gameplay.

The fund is being managed by the HOPIT Team of Spike and Evenstar and all expenditure from the fund will be by agreement with the team. If anyone has any questions about the pennies raised and what's being done with it, you have but to ask!

There's more y'know... Poke one of the BIG dots for more secret transmissions...

How else can I help?

Obviously, we also support two charities, SpecialEffect and Hearing Dogs and if you want to put something back in but want it to go to a good cause, we're just as delighted if you send money to those two.

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